Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fresh Start

Decided to give this blogging thing another go. This isn't my first time blogging, but I decided to go for a fresh start because I hated my old design, and it was just easier to start over, so welcome to Adventures of an Allison!

These posts will be, simply, whatever is on my mind...photography, school, travel, what God is teaching me, etc. I tend to be a sporadic blogger, so I apologize now for that, but I'm going to try to be better this time around.

I'll use this first post to tell you a little about myself. I'm sure if you're reading this, there's a good chance you know me, but maybe you'll learn something new. :)

I feel like my life has been an adventure, hence the name of this blog. I currently live in Louisville, KY, and am in grad school as a seminary student. The decision to come to Louisville was made a week before I moved here...as I said, my life has been an adventure. I've been here since Fall '09, and have come to love this place. I'll be graduating in May with my M.Div., which is both exciting and scary. I feel like I've been in school all my life, so it's weird to think about being done soon. In fact, I don't let myself think about leaving Louisville and my friends here because, while I'm excited about the future, I'll cry if I start thinking about saying goodbye to people here.

Once I graduate, I'll be in Louisville through the end of June, then home to Mississippi for a few weeks before moving to Virginia for two months, then off to S. Asia for two years! I'll save that story for another post.

Some basics facts about me:
Name: Allison
Family: Parents (Lane & Judy), and two younger sisters (Lindsey & Taylor)
Education: SBTS working on my M.Div.; Mississippi College, B.S. Graphic Design
Location: Currently in Louisville, KY but from Ridgeland, MS and soon to be in S. Asia

Color: Teal/Turquoise
Book: Harry Potter Series...I love fiction in general. I'm trying to make myself reread the classics I had to read in high school now that I'll enjoy them more. Rereading Pride & Prejudice now.
TV: Bones (I'm a sucker for Crime Dramas...weird?), New Girl (Should I admit to liking it as much as I do?), Gilmore Girls (Miss it!)
Music: Sojourn (my church has seriously good music), NEEDTOBREATHE, Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Ben Rector, Mumford & Sons, the Lumineers, etc.
Food: I'll try just about anything once. I'm not picky. I grew up eating good Cajun, so that's definitely a favorite.

Other miscellaneous facts: My church is wonderful. If you live in Louisville, you should check out Sojourn. I'm at the East campus. Joining a community group is a great way to get to know some people and form great friendships, see:

Also, I love photography. Check out my work on Flickr and on my FB page!

Anyway, that's a little about me...hope you enjoy the blog! I look forward to getting back into blogging.  Feel free to subscribe to keep up with my posts. :)

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